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Josiah’s Birthday

Welcome Josiah David Hubbard! Date: April 7, 2010 Time: 10:39 AM Weight: 8 lbs, 0.4 oz Length: 21 1/2″ Head: 14″ We arrived at Clarian North this morning at 6 AM for the induction of our 5th child.  Grandma McFall is at home with Alyssa, Mikayla, Joshua, and Elaina waiting to hear the news of the birth […]

That’s Happiness

Our one year old has really taken to eating table food, much quicker than our other three did.  Often we can barely get it on her tray before she is already going to town on dinner.  Being a one year old, she doesn’t get everything to her mouth and we have some really nice pocket […]

Gas Price Wars

When we moved back to Indiana, we moved to Brownsburg which is on the west side of Indianapolis.  We started going to Norm’s Main Street Hair Co since it was just down the street from us at the time.  We have been going to the same barber, Pam, ever since.  That has been 12 years. […]

Elaina’s Birthday

We arrived at Clarian North this morning at 6 AM for the induction of our 4th child.  Grandma McFall is at home with Alyssa, Mikayla, and Joshua waiting to hear the news of the birth of their new baby sister.  Last night Mikayla excitedly stated, "Tomorrow is Elaina’s Birthday!"  We hope to be seeing her […]

Bad Weekend for Portable Devices

I have recently got a i-Pod Video and have really enjoyed using it.  I have i-Tunes setup to download sermons from John Piper, John MacArthur, and many others.  The friends who own the lake house that we visited also watched our kids, a double blessing!  On our way over to their house to drop off […]