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TSAdmin Work Around

TSAdmin.exe is an application that allow an administrator to see who is connected via RDP to a server.  My purpose for using this tool is to disconnect an idle session so that I can get on the server.  This application comes in the Windows 2003 SP1 AdminPak.  According to KB Article 930056, there is a […]

Large File Copy Failed

I routinely copy large files (diagnostic logs) and I tried that just now in Vista.  I got the following error, “Error 0x800705AA: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.”  I googled for this and found that you can work around this by using XCOPY /Z (copies networked files in restartable mode).  The file in […]

OEM Natural Keyboard Pro still available

Someone asked me whether the Natural Keyboard Pro keyboard that I have is PS/2 or USB.  It is actually both.  He had to give his up since in new PC at work was “legacy free” and didn’t have PS/2 and his was only PS/2.  He switched to the Ergonomic Natural Keyboard 4000.  There are quite […]

Vista, IntelliPoint, and Instant Viewer

If you have a Microsoft Mouse and using it on Vista, you may want to install Microsoft’s Intellipoint software.  It includes Instant Viewer which is something like Exposé in Mac OS X.  See David Brunelle’s article on it for more details.

Vista and my Natural Keyboard Pro

I really love my Natural Keyboard Pro.  There are many things about it to like.  However, one of the greatest things is the IntelliType Pro software and the ability to turn off that blasted Caps Lock.  Who really needs to turn on the shout key anyway?  NOBODY LIKES TO BE SHOUTED AT, RIGHT?  Before moving […]