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Printing RFCs with Wordpad

There are times when the best way to read something is to have it on paper, especially if you want to write comments in the margins and it needs to be portable.  On Windows XP, I have always used Wordpad for print RFCs since it correctly handles the page breaks (control-L) that are embedded in […]

Moving Remote Desktop Between Monitors

I have started using Windows 7 at work a while ago and I use three monitors.  There is a new shortcut key in Windows 7 to move a window between monitors: WIN-SHIFT-LEFT ARROW (or RIGHT ARROW).  This works great, except that I normally run remote desktop sessions full screen on one of the monitors and […]

How To Disable IE ESC in Server 2008 R2

How is that for a cryptic title?  IE ESC is Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration.  If I remember correctly, it is turned on by default in Window Server since 2003.  I install Windows Server to test our products at my day job at Interactive Intelligence.  I will often need to browse to web sites to […]

Don’t Use Dynamic Partitions

I recently changed PCs at work. I am now running Windows 7 x64 on a Quad Core with 4GB of memory.  Sweet!  I was running bulk call simulations that would generate 20-30 calls/sec and our logging would generate gigabytes of logs.  So I got another 1TB disk to store all of this data and any […]

Disable the Email Button

There is a very convenient button on my keyboard for launching my email client.  However, if I have a remote desktop session running at the same time, the key sequence will get sent to the remote machine which would never have an email client configured and I have to cancel through several dialogs while Outlook […]